• Oil & Gas

    We produce forgings that are found on drilling stations, pipelines and rafineries worldwide.

  • Naval

    We produce gear blanks, pintle pins, couplings and more high-strength forgings with DNV's approval and on-time delivery.

  • Energy

     From traditional power generation to wind and renewables, our customers can depend on quality, high-value forgings for their critical component needs.

  • Mechanical Gears

     We forge gear blanks, especially those intended for gears used in tight-tolerance and heavy-duty applications are components that call out for extremely rigorous inspection.


CEO Greeting



Welcome to Forja Rotec’s website!


The main activities that are carried out by our company include the manufacturing of metallic products by plastic deformation (i.e. forging, pressing and stamping of metals), heat treatment of metals and machining operations.


Irrespective of the industry field you activate in, from oil&gas and naval, to energy and gears, etc.  we offer you the solution!


I wish you a pleasant stay on our platform, 


Dipl. Eng. Neculai Vintila

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